5 Small Business Trends to Follow in 2012

There are 5 small business trends to follow in 2012 that broaden the horizons of small business:

. Specialization
. Media Saturation to promote business
. Impenetrable client base through social media contact
. Creating dedicated business phases for better product or service branding
. Interactive Network Marketing


One trend small businesses can use to strengthen their image and client base is specialization. The opportunity to specialize products and services has the greatest potential for embedding small businesses into commercial arenas. Specializing products and services refers to emphasizing a unique business presentation. There is always a way to present goods and services as a more unique offering. Create a need for common goods and services in a unique offering customers feel compelled to buy. Focus on less obvious assets such as durability, quality or value that make the offering special.

Media Saturation To Promote Business

One very important trend small businesses should follow in 2012, is discovering the value of media saturation. When dealing with advertising and promotion in the media, cohesive and consistent sales and marketing campaigns result in higher levels of media saturation. Take ownership of business promotion style in sales and marketing so it becomes a recognizable branding for products or services.

Impenetrable Client Base Through Social Media Contact

In order to create an impenetrable client base, an organized, efficient plan for social media is a trend worth exploring. Adopt a specific style of customer service that stands above competitors for market share. Network social media with article marketing, business blogs and websites to strengthen customer knowledge of products or services. Knowledgeable customers are loyal customers.

Creating Dedicated Business Phases

Create dedicated business phases. This simply means that a business organizes each fiscal year into four phases of business operation. By adhering to a distinct separation between business phases, this introduces greater opportunities to advance product or service branding. Create four phases beginning with research, development and planning for the first phase. Focusing on this as a first phase allows new ideas for sales and marketing to emerge. Phase two should focus on implementation of planning from Phase one. Phase three is the most pro-active in terms of branding products or services because it reveals which target markets are strongest and which require more vigilance. Phase four is a wrap-up phase of business where an annual audit of impacts, results and achievements should be evaluated.

Interactive Network Market

Building interactive small business networks is a trend to consider for 2012. By networking small businesses within interactive industry and commerce associations, shared business community efforts maximize the return on investment. Look to local businesses as well as contacts in social media and the internet for viable networking.